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 The city of Bristol, Pennsylvania has always been a center of American industry. From his studio, located just steps away from the city’s historic Mill Street business district, woodworker Nick Martier is proud to be a part of that tradition. Finely honed craftsmanship combined with an unmatched level of honesty have helped him build a successful business from a modest beginning. His drive for perfection and passion for his craft is apparent in each piece he creates.

When Nick was 13 years old in a compulsory woodshop class his teacher told him he’d found his calling. At the time he was just a kid, more interested in music. But still through high school he trained as a carpenter while continuing to sharpen his woodcrafting skills. Even then he created quality products. A CD tower he built for his sister in 9th grade has outlived its intended lading.

As a young man carpentry allowed Nick to pay the bills while starting a life. He enjoys creating and playing music as a singer songwriter. He spent much of his life performing original songs in his band in and around the East Coast. After getting married, additions and decks kept Nick able to support his wife as she followed her dream of becoming a teacher. Still he never lost his passion for woodworking.

As their family grew Nick and his wife Kristen decided it was time to put down roots. They established home base in Bristol and began raising their children. By now Nick was a respected carpenter with a body of work that spoke to his talent. Despite being a great builder he far preferred being a creator. The act of shaping raw wood into a functional piece fuels the flame inside him that was lit back in junior high. More and more he was commissioned to craft custom pieces. Since this is what brought him the most joy he decided now was the perfect time to dive in headfirst as a woodworker.

       The early days weren’t easy. With no studio and limited funding, Nick was faced with quite a few dilemmas that only determination could get him through. With the support of his family Nick set out with an old pick up truck and a handful of portable contractor grade equipment. Clients driveways and backyards became makeshift workshops. Word of mouth was the only advertising his budget would allow. Nick spent this time honing his craft and developing his style, which is a mix of power tool and hand tool techniques. And happily he watched his business grow. Finally he found a small studio in historic Bristol PA. Space is limited and there's no running water but Nick just laughs and says "It adds to my creativity".

      Upon starting out Nick had no choice but to utilize the minimal resources he had on hand. He credits his humble beginnings with cementing in him the value of sustainability. Over the years Nick has established strong ties with a few local saw mills. He is proud to say the majority of his lumber is locally sourced. Many of his pieces are made from trees that were cut down in Bristol or the surrounding areas and locally milled. He feels this adds to the uniqueness of his work. In fact, a tree that had to be cut from his grandmother’s yard is currently drying, waiting to be made into something special for his brother and sister.

As a craftsman Nick is very passionate about supporting local artisans and is a huge advocate for small businesses. He continues to create pieces in his new studio in Langehorne Pa. and is always evolving and trying to better himself. Always looking for that new technique or approach. Eager to see where his skill will take him next.


Nick Martier Woodworking is a family business. The studio is our second home and our children enjoy spending time there just as much as we do! Nicolina enjoys learning the ins and outs of furniture making and loves to help mill down rough stock. Graham likes collecting band saw scraps and creates his very own beautiful creations. Kristen helps with builds, answers emails, places orders, pays the bills, keeps us alive, fed, all while doing her own full time job! We do everything as a family! You can’t forget our dog, Rigby, who is a great partner in quality control!

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